Our Motive

At DUCKS VALLEY we provide fresh eggs round the year from healthy ducks and also we provide wide range of products & Services at the least cost




Rich in Nutrients

Feeding Process

  • Stage1

    In the initial stages, the ducks spend a little time in water so we treat them in a plastic tub instead of pond because it is more safe.

  • Stage2

    For food , we feed them a small amount of hard boiled egg or crushed dried mealworms, crumbled with finely chopped oats along with water.

  • Stage3

    Feed can be given on an ad-lib in a hopper or alternatively ducks can be fed in the morning once they are let out of their house and again in the evening, placing the feed in a heavy-based feeder to stop it tipping over.

  • Stage4

    We feed them wheat along with water so that it will help ducks to balance their diet.During the winter,our ducks will eat pellets and a lot of wheat.

  • Stage5

    Ducks will carry worms,Many health problems can be avoided by worming twice a year.This is usually done after they have stopped breeding and again before they start laying

  • Stage6

    After the completion of five stages successfully healthy eggs are ready to sell in the market.

More Advantages

Fresh Duck Eggs

You can find fresh duck eggs in 365 days either for Hatching or for Eating.

For Lab & Analysis

Educational institutions ask fertile eggs for analysis in lab to explain their students.

More Quantity Less price

You can gain lots of discount in any season depends upon the quantity you purchase.

Our Services


Assured quality of duck eggs from our own farm at competitive prices round the year.


As we said that you can find duck eggs all round the year with quality of A grade and tasty.


We monitor every stage of eggs for the better quality , quality assurance is prime for us.


We feed ducks rich in nutrients food to lay healthy quality eggs for better taste, better quality.


We use disinfectants, sanitizers and biosecurity products to avoid bird flu and viruses.


We do naturally health care for better growth of ducks and eggs.

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